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plastic fantastic

December 2012/January 2013

Yours To Care For 2
project created for

Yours To Care For 

The discarded materials we are using have become extremely valuable – we seek out the colour and texture that we might once have ignored –
plastic is a super-material, and should be considered a valuable commodity – it has this ability to last forever so instead of creating products intended for a single use only to be subsequently discarded, we could be making things that need to be cared for and kept
the single stem horizontal vase project is about this shift in value. between 60,000,000 and 500, 000,000 plastic drinking straws are consumed and discarded each day, so a single straw seems like a very small, insignificant thing
what if we wanted to talk about the single item, the cell – endow it with a beauty and function which in turn celebrates the beauty of a singular stem of foliage found in the garden or on the street – our synthetic vase holds water and sustains the natural plant - and the two fuse + compliment each other. Taken in this new context and given the right setting, this might be just as beautiful as a bunch of bought flowers – if we are going to shift our thinking about synthetic materials, it is a smaller stretch to appreciate a part of a plant not usually celebrated, leaves, even weeds
our experiments demonstrate a surprising characteristic that allows us to lay them horizontally as we had planned – the water in the vase when laid down stays in the vase because of the surface tension created
in the same way as the stem fuses with the clear plastic, we also wanted the vases to enable the idea of grafting – so that you can pair plants of different form and colour to create something new – to highlight the human or synthetic involvement – when you take home or even make your own version of our vases, you take on the responsibility of caring not only for the plant but for the future of the vase also

August 2012

Yours To Care For 
project created for
Soho, London
during the 
London Design Festival 2012

April 2012

Collection created for
SOS supercycle our souls
Galleria Prometeo
Ventura Lambrate, Milano

September 2011

Collection created for
Elle D’Eco Hotel
Elle Decoration NL
For Inside Design Amsterdam 2011

August 2011

Collection created for
DIY/T exhibition
Bruxelles, Belguim
organized by Damn Magazine